What can I do for chronic pain?

Pain Relief Practices (That Can Keep the Drugs at Bay)

Kimberly Hayes reached out to McFadden Chiropractic wanting to write a blog for the site regarding chronic pain and some techniques that could help someone cope with their situation. It is an informative read so check it out below!

Chronic pain is an epidemic that affects one in five people globally. It’s a problem that touches all ages, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds. Unfortunately, chronic pain often leads to excessive use of pain medications, and sometimes addiction (or worse). While prescription medication is essential in helping to manage some forms of pain, it is not the only option.

Living with pain does not mean you have to resort to potentially-dangerous narcotics. With your doctor’s guidance, there are ways to find relief. 

Pain not welcome here

When you want to eliminate pain naturally, you have to start at home. Pain-Free Living explains that your home design should center around one concept: simple. Keep things as clean and uncluttered as possible, and add a few minor improvements throughout to help you get through your day. This might include dimmable lights if you have migraines, or a soaking tub with safety grab bars and a handheld sprayer if you have arthritis. Re-organize each room so that daily tasks don’t take their toll. For example, use a hanging shoe rack in the closet so you don’t have to bend to retrieve your favorite footwear. This resource list from HomeAdvisor offers dozens of links on how to organize your home, from the garage to the bedroom and everywhere in between.

Therapy for aching muscles and joints

Another way to naturally manage pain is to do activities or participate in relaxation techniques that heal. A warm bath offers proven therapeutic benefits for the musculoskeletal system. It’s effective at reducing lower back pain and easing the symptoms of fibromyalgia and arthritis. Further, being submerged in water takes pressure off the joints and can improve flexibility. A 10-minute dip in the hot tub is a virtually guaranteed soother. Massage is another noninvasive treatment for pain. Before running out and laying yourself on a massage therapist’s table, however, make sure they have experience working on individuals with your types of troubles. Not all pain is the same, and not all massage techniques are right for everyone. Your therapist can answer any questions and address concerns prior to your session.

Nature’s medicine

There is no contesting that the food you eat plays a role in your overall health. Many foods can cause or reduce inflammation, which is a known pain trigger. Olive oil, salmon, and nuts are just a few foods that can reduce internal irritation while providing a robust variety of vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients. Food isn’t the only natural remedy that can ease the pressure. Turmeric and white willow bark have both been used for centuries to relieve everything from the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis to the common cold. Before you reach for any supplement, talk to your doctor to make sure they are safe for you.

Say goodbye to stress

Stress might not cause pain, but it certainly doesn’t help it, and in some cases, muscle stiffness triggered by chronic stress can be an exacerbating factor. In a never-ending cycle, this extra pain can cause more stress which, in turn, makes the pain even worse. A visit to FraserHealth.ca, a B.C.-based network of hospitals and healthcare centers, offers guidance on ways to beat stress when you’re dealing with chronic pain. Tips include deep breathing, mindful meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, and guided imagery.

When living with pain is your daily reality, you have to learn to adjust your life. This starts at home and encompasses everything you do, from how you eat to how you relax. You don’t have to let pain dictate your life if you’re willing to jump ahead and beat it before it beats you.

Thank you Kimberly for the informative and educational blog!

Remember, if you are struggling with chronic pain, speak with a health care provider that may be able to help!