Most Common Diagnosis

Chronic Mechanical Low Back and Neck Pain with Cervicogenic Headaches

It has been a while since I wrote a blog as the Grand Opening of the clinic and the busy time in December has brought me away from the computer. It is interesting to find things to write about for blogs that would be pertinent to the people reading. So today, I figured I would write about the most common diagnosis that I give in the clinic. If you are a patient at the clinic, this may sound familiar.

Chronic mechanical low back and neck pain with cervicogenic headaches

That is a lot of words, but every diagnosis can be broken down into something simple. Chronic means the complaint has been going on for a while. Mechanical means that some muscles are tight, and joints may be restricted and not moving well. The diagnosis is specific to certain areas and if you read the blog about headaches, you will know that cervicogenic headaches means they are coming from muscles and joints in the neck. This is the most common diagnosis I give, and it is frequently due to repetitive postures and placing strain on certain areas until it causes dysfunction and pain.

I could explain this further, but a picture does tell 1000 words.

Frequent computer postures

Frequent computer postures

It is important, especially in todays society with computers and cell phones, to try to keep proper posture. When you stay in a poor posture, some muscles become weaker and others become shortened. This frequently results in a forward head posture and rounded shoulders. Proper stretching, training, and care can help decrease the effect of these postures, but it needs to be consistently performed.

There are many exercises and stretches that can be performed to help decrease the stress placed on your body daily when sitting at a computer. Make sure to check out my next blog as it will have some tips to keep moving during the day!