What kind of Chiropractor are you?

Being in a plaza with a lot of foot traffic, I do get people coming in and ask questions about services, hours, or myself. The most common lately is ‘what kind of chiropractor are you?’ In the two years I have been working, I have not been asked that before so was surprised initially.

More common questions pertain to your elevator pitch. If in any profession, you need to be able to explain to people what you do in the length of an elevator ride or they will lose interest. So here we go, I am a chiropractor, massage therapist and acupuncture provider that treats the joints, muscles and nerves of the whole body with an emphasis on the spine.

After discussing that in school over and over, the elevator pitch is easy; but what kind of chiropractor am I? It is an interesting question to think about; what kind of chiropractor did I spend eight years in school to become?

I am a hands-on chiropractor that uses different methods of treatment depending on the different conditions I see. I have a background in acupuncture and massage therapy so use those skills to my advantage when treating patients. My adjusting style is considered diversified which I often perform after treating the muscles in the surrounding area.

So does that answer what kind of chiropractor I am or just what I do?

I have been working for two years and love every minute of it. More often than not, I have been working seven days a week (and still do) with long hours to ensure I can treat and help as many people as I can. I want to help people, and get them back to playing with their children, providing for their family, or playing the sport they love. It is so rewarding to me to hear that a patient could walk without a cane, dance with their child at their wedding, or just bend down and put their shoes on because of treatment. Although that isn’t the answer they are looking for when asking that question, I think that is more telling of the chiropractor I am when compared to the other things mentioned.